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Polycoat is a time tested superior waterproofing system for decks & roof decks.
Everroof flat roof coating solutions
Easy Living is an approved Polycoat and Everroof contractor. 

Polycoat Deck Coatings


Completed grey Polycoat deck with white border
Concrete Coatings with a stone look around a swimming pool
Restoring a old flat roof to a new looking  energy efficient roof
 Waterproofing Systems
Full 10-year warranty

The Polycoat Systems are a time proven seamless waterproofing system that offer a full thickness 50 to 57 Mils with four layers of protection of for decks, roof decks, and concrete. Polycoat is fast setting, fast curing and solvent free. The product remains flexible with high performance. Ideally suited for new construction or a new system over your failing existing fiberglass. Polycoat can be applied over properly prepared plywood, fiberglass, concrete and metal. An environmentally  friendly product that will end the  maintenance required for fiberglass deck systems.

Polyaspartic Concrete Coatings Systems 

The perfect solution for your cracked 

tired old looking concrete.

Ideally suited for Commercial or residential concrete areas. Pool surrounds, garage floors, driveways and commercial kitchens and dining areas, ect. 

A great solution for concrete walkways and balconies. Waterproof and durable.


Pick from a variety of finishes to enhance any area.  


Restore your

Flat Roof


Save thousands of dollars and add years of life to your existing flat roof without the mess or risk of bad weather while tearing off the existing old roof.

After properly preparing the existing roofing surface, we apply a roofing system by Everroof. 

Everroof is a liquid applied roof restoration product and a cool-roof system saving roofs, energy, and the environment.

The Everroof system can add upwards of 15 to 20 years plus of life to your existing flat roof.

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