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Polycoat job-LBI NJ

Waterproofing for decks and roof decks

Fiberglass decks and roofs are becoming obsolete in residential and commercial construction. Most fiberglass projects begin to fail in 6 to 10 year. Because the fiberglass is so rigid, it is unable to flex with the natural movement of the structure causing small to mid-size cracks to appear in the fiberglass letting moisture into the structure, which if not caught early can lead to major structural damage.

We service fiberglass decks and make needed repairs. But a better solution is to apply a Polycoat system over your existing fiberglass.

Polycoat Installation

Polycoat waterproofing systems are the ideal solution for decks and roofs. A time tested Elastomeric based membrane product that is applied as a  two-component self-leveling liquid. Polycoat is solvent-free, eco-friendly, extremely durable and flexible when cured. Polycoat will hold up to the extreme conditions of your
Jersey Shore home.

Polycoat can be installed over wood, fiberglass, concrete and metal.
Maintenance:  With proper care, your Polycoat deck will last indefinitely.    
Our installers have been trained by a POLYCOAT representative

Waterproof systems and finishes for any project type

  • Residential decks and roofs

  • Commercial & residential flat roofs

  • Sidewalks & parking areas

  • Commercial kitchens and seating areas

  • Concrete balconies

  • Concrete pool surrounds

  • Garage floors

  • Ideal for heavy foot traffic areas

  • Ideal For hotel - motel balconies

  • Many colors to choose from

Spending money every few years repairing your fiberglass?
We will show you how we put an end to those nagging and costly fiberglass repairs and leaks.

A new Polycoat roof/deck to replace the existing fiberglass deck on this ocean front house. This new Polycoat system is the perfect solution for years of carefree waterproof protection.

The homeowner chose our sand finish. We broadcast a special sand into the final coat of Polycoat and finish with two coats of our Poly 100 clear. Perfect for beach houses.

A new four-part Polycoat waterproofing system over a fiberglass deck that was only three years old. First we prep the deck by grinding down the existing fiberglass and removing all imperfections. Our next step is to prime the deck with a special primer and apply two coats of Polycoat. The second coat has a washed kiln dried sand broadcast added into it. The finish is a Polyglaze 100 color coat. (Many colors to choose from.)
Fiberglass deck averages 11 mils of thickness.
The average Polycoat deck is 44 mils thick with four layers of waterproofing.
Polycoat is a fast setting, flexible, high performance elastomeric coating, that will stand up to harsh conditions and will give you years of worry-free protection.  

This deck is located in Toms River NJ.

Once we grinded off the top layer of fiberglass, we found many areas of rotted wood. After the repairs were made to the structure, we applied our four-part Polycoat waterproofing system.

The homeowners picked out an  attractive new railing system for this renovation. 

They will now enjoy many years of Easy Living on their new deck.

To receive a quote for a new deck coating system or repairs to your existing system, fill out the contact card.
Free fast quote and deck evaluation. 

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