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About Us

Polycoat waterproofing system

Easy Living has been in business since 1994. Spending lots of time on the Jersey Shore, we know products and workmanship need to be able to stand up to very harsh weather conditions.

We always strive to find better products that will hold up to the elements, be aesthetically pleasing, giving a great value for every dollar spent while finding products that are eco-friendly.

We started out as a deck building company. Over the years we added fiberglass as an option out of necessity to serve our clients with a better alternative.

And now we carry Polycoat waterproofing for our decks.  An eco-friendly product that is time-proven, aesthetically pleasing, and is a longer lasting and better alternative to fiberglass.

Easy Living has factory trained men experienced in concrete  floor finishes and restoration. We can install a standard epoxy floor finish or metallic epoxy floor. We offer many colors, styles, and finishes.

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