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Are you in the market for a flat roof solution that offers optimal value for your money and long-term protection?

Roof coatings fully bond to existing surfaces, and are monolithic, fluid applied substances that form a seamless coating.

Advantages of roof coating: 

  1. Save thousands of  $$$$$

  2. No weather worries in the middle of a tear off

  3. Continue to operate your business during the restoration

  4. Can coat over most existing roof surfaces

  5. No mess from a tearoff

  6. Reflects UV sun rays to help lower energy cost

  7. High elasticity, which allows the expansion and contraction with the weather

  8. 10 to 20 year warranty

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Roof evaluating 

A successful roof coating starts with a roof evaluating.
The evaluation begins by using a high quality moisture meter to ensure that moisture is not trapped under the existing roof material.
Moisture can become trapped in voids between roofing plies or between the substrate and the membrane. As temperatures rise, the heat causes the water vapor to expand, which in turn causes roof blisters. If the blister is punctured, it
could expose the underlying surface to the elements. Steps must be taken to open those areas that are wet and dry them out before the new coating is applied.
Next we administer an adhesion test to make certain the coating materials and roof primers will adhere to your existing  roof surface. We can now apply a successful flat roof coating system giving you years of dry and worry free protection for your flat roof. 


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